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Vice President


Ember Krumwied

Investco LLC

Austin Rhodes
Nebraska Secretary of State, Records Management

Ember began serving her term as President in July 2023.  The President is responsible for leading the Chapter and presiding at all Chapter Board Meetings.  The President is the Ex-Officio member of all committees except the Awards Committee and facilitates the Board of Directors in planning and developing the Chapter's goals and objectives.  The President will represent the Chapter at all Regional and International meetings and will keep the Board of Directors fully informed of all activities from these meetings.  The President is responsible for appointing all chairmen of standing committees and can appoint special committees with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Austin began serving his term as Vice President in July 2023. The Vice President is primarily responsible for leading the Spring Seminar and Committee.  The mission of the Spring Seminar Committee is to develop and plan the Annual Chapter Spring Seminar.  The work involves establishing a budget, securing a location, speaker arrangements, design and mailing of brochures and registration information, and working with vendors who participated and support the seminar.



Tammie Holley
State of Nebraska
Amber Roberts
Kiewit Corporation

Tammie began her two-year term as Secretary in July 2023.  The Secretary records and maintains the minutes for each Board of Directors (BOD) meetings.  Minutes reflect approval of past minutes,  substantive topics discussed, and decisions rendered including the Financial Reports submitted by the Treasurer and approved by the Board.  All motions, whether approved or not are carefully documented along with all those who attended and those who were absent. 

Amber began serving her term as Treasurer in July 2023. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting all payments for membership dues, monthly meetings, and other payments made by members along with disbursing funds associated with chapter operations. The treasurer is responsible for preparing the annual chapter budget and submitting monthly treasurer reports to board and reports that are required to be submitted to ARMA International.

Past President



Mark Graves



Ane McBride

City of Lincoln NE Transportation and Utilities Department

Mark began serving a two-year term as Immediate Past President in July 2023. The Immediate Past President is responsible to assist the board of directors with continuity from one administration to the next. The Immediate Past President is also responsible for chairing the awards committee. The mission of the Awards Committee is to promote participation in Chapter activities by ensuring individual members and the Chapter as a whole are recognized for achievements and contributions to the Chapter and the records management profession. It formally recognizes and awards members for their individual achievements throughout the year.

Ane has served as Librarian/Archivist since July 2023. The Librarian/Archivist serves as the chair of the Library/Archive committee. The mission of the Library/Archive Committee is to provide support and resources, so that every member has access to a high caliber of educational materials in records, knowledge, and information management that meet ARMA Internationals standards.

Membership Director

Public Relations Director

Scott Swanson

Jacque Hornung

Ameritas Investment Company, LLC

Scott began serving his term as Membership Director in July 2021. The primary responsibility of the Membership Director is to chair the Membership Committee.  The mission of the Membership Committee is to effectively provide information, support and guidance to current and potential members regarding membersip and related issues and/or concerns.  Besides serving the existing membership of the Chapter, the committee tries to achieve continued growth by recruiting new members.  The committee generates the Membership Directory, maintains a Chapter database of the membership, and verifies membership information that is provided by ARMA International.  The committee is responsible for actively welcoming new members to the Chapter and encouraging new member involvement in activities.

Jacque began serving as the as Public Relations Director in July 2019. The primary responsibility of the Public Relations Director is to chair the Public Relations Committee. The mission of the Public Relations Committee is to work closely with other committees to ensure promotion of various events and activities of our chapter membership and to the general public. The Public Relations committee prepares Chapter Meeting Highlights and takes photographs to record the programs of the chapter.

Director at Large

Director of Technology

Ron York

Charles Schwab

Derek Wells

State of Nebraska/Sec. of State

Ron York began serving his term as Director at Large in July 2023. Derek Wells began serving his term as Director of Technology in July 2023.